Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Wal-Mart still salivating over NYC, Patterson gets flack for cigg tax, Key Senator on Employee Free Choice

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Wal-Mart continues to a surge into Chicago, still salivating over NYC.
"Chicago and New York, I would say, are the two priorities for the company [Wal-Mart]."- Stock Analyst at William & Blair.

The federal agency charged with enforcing minimum wage, overtime and many other labor laws is failing in that role, leaving millions of workers vulnerable, Congressional auditors have found...We've seen 2 cases in the last month here in New York City.

A Bronx Hospital is fighting Interns and resident Doctors from unionizing, residents say conditions are so bad,they worry for their patients and their own safety.

Governor Patterson's office said Tuesday that the state plans to eliminate nearly 9,000 jobs, mostly through layoffs, after failing to get public employee unions to agree to cost-cutting concessions.

Doormen throughout Manhattan are being laid off in order to cut costs.

Here's more on A&P's new private green label.

A ShopRite & an Aquarium in Connecticut have teamed up to help feed fish and clean up the environment.

Connecticut shoppers react to their new plastic bag tax.


David Patterson's plan to raise revenue from fees on stores that sell cigarettes came under attack from both parties.

A new report on taxing the rich in NY concludes is a viable solution.

Tom Suozzi says taxpayers should 'revolt' over property taxes.

UFCW urges support of Employee Free Choice Act.

A key Senator, Arlen Specter (R-Pa.) will oppose the Employee Free Choice Act, Specter supported the bill last year.

The New York Times has more on Specter's decision.

& Here's the NY Times on Obama's address last night.
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