Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tuesday Morning One Liners...

Wal-Mart Truck on I-87, NYImage by Rain Rannu via Flickr

Supermarket News looks at Wal-Mart's neighborhood markets.

The Colorado state Senate is taking up a bill to allow locked-out workers to collect unemployment

The New York Times looks at how difficult it is to collect Workers Compensation in New York.

Local News station looks at the affect the Bottle Bill will have on Wegman's.

Restaurant workers rally for paid sick leave in Connecticut.

Times Union looks at wages, union and non-union in New York State.

NY Union Membership is down.

Rush Limbaugh tells NY to drop dead.

The aftermath of raids.

Ahold has filed court papers urging U.S. Bankruptcy Court here to deny a $100 million proposed financing package for Bi-Lo, offering its former division a $35 million loan instead. Ahold, which sold Bi-Lo to Lone Star Holdings in 2005 and remains a landlord for the retailer, said that GE Financial’s $100 million lending package would unfairly put lenders ahead of landlords with regard to collecting on pre-petition debts.

Although the majority of Americans feel that foods in supermarkets are safe, the percentage who feel this way has decreased over the last five years, according to The NPD Group here.
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A&P announced a partnership last week with Medtipster, a recently launched online service that allows consumers to find affordable equivalents to their prescription drugs, including $4 generic drugs and therapeutic alternatives.
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