Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Another Brooklyn BJ's? Aldi denied a store for not fixing a street, Fresh Market will open upstate, Tuesday Morning Read...

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"I asked the boss for permission to go to the hospital. She said, 'It's fine, go - but you don't have a job anymore.'"

-Adela Valdez, mother of 4, fired for catching a cold, in Sunday's New York Times.

Change to Win's campaign on CVS advances in South New Jersey.

The Fresh Market, an eagerly expanding gourmet grocery store, has been salivating at the thought of opening more stores in the North East. They'll break ground on their first New York store upstate, in Latham on October 13.  They'll be opening a store in Connecticut next week.

Aldi was refused permission to open a UK store for "failed negotiations to agree how much money Aldi should pay towards local roads improvement." Thankfully there are no damaged roads in Queens, so we won't encounter this problem when they open their first NY store next year.

UFCW Local 7 update: Strike may not change shopping habits. [Denver Post]
Grocery Workers wrapping up contract vote in Colorado. [AP]

Development Update: Joe Sitt of Thor Equities pitches a new BJ's site for Brooklyn.

SN has named Stop & Shop and Giant of Landover the winners of the 2009 Retail Excellence Award, sponsored by Kraft Foods. The two Ahold-owned chains have reasserted their dominance as value leaders in their markets, and remain standouts in such areas as marketing, technology and health and wellness.

Meanwhile, Stop & Shop unvieled a new custom publication called "Small Victories" geared towards Mom's.

D'Agostino's will launch a radio campaign, it's first campaign on the radio in 10-years.

The Teamsters endorsed Mike Bloomberg for Mayor.

The Hotel Trades Council has reached a deal with Steve Wynn, one less roadblock he'll face on his attempt to open an enormous "Racino" at the Aqueduct.

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