Friday, October 9, 2009

Friday Morning One Liners...Tesco loses over $200 million, UFCW Local 7 updates, Aldi still looking for land

“Since Harry Truman was president, Democrats have fought to make it more affordable to live a healthy life in America,” Mr. Reid said. “Every day, we come closer to achieving that goal.”
-Harry Reid, of Nevada, Democratic majority leader, in today's New York Times "Health Care Bill Gets Green Light in Cost Analysis"

An amendment that would allow for businesses to incentivize healthy lifestyles in the style of Safeway’s voluntary “Healthy Measures” program was approved by an 18-4 vote by the Senate Finance Committee as part of a health care reform bill.  A spokesman for Sen. John Ensign (R-Nev.), who co-sponsored the bill, referred to it as “the Safeway Amendment” according to published reports.

Wal-Mart de Mexico net profits up 18%.

A Bi-Low/Food Lion merger would test the FTC an analyst said yesterday, exceeding a 35% market share in 9 markets.

After their latest offer was rejected two days ago, Kroger and Safeway are considering new negotiations in Denver, UFCW Local 7 and the two companies have not met face to face since early September.

More and more reports of Fresh Direct trucks blocking bike lanes throughout NYC.

Newsday updates Nassau County's "Lighthouse Project"

Wegman's is offering a new 'full service restaurant' in a new 132,000 sqft., 24-hour Pennsylvania store.  The store has also opened a dispute regarding their sale of liquor and alcohol.

Tesco, the parent company of the West Coast's "Fresh & Easy" stores, continues to struggle and will lose about $239 million this year. 

President of Local 338, John Durso writes an Op-Ed in Long Island Business News on the need for a public option.

Aldi, who announced they were coming to Queens, is apparently still looking for land in Queens.

The Working Families Blog covers the Stella D'oro rally at City Hall.

The Daily News has more on the closing.

Dan Cantor, Director of the WFP is interviewed.

Blog: Sweatshop Conditions in U.S. cities.

A recent mailer by BJ's Wholesale Club had 'white powder all over it'. 

Ex-Homeless youth in NYC tell their stories on TV (WPIX CH.11) this weekend.

The Fresh Market, who plans to break ground next week upstate [Latham], now gets the shopping center named after them...

And Barack Obama has won the Nobel Peace Prize.

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