Friday, October 2, 2009

Paid Sick Days in NYC, Friday Morning One Liners..

Guillermo Barrera, plans to tell hundreds at a downtown rally on Thursday how he lost his job at a Brooklyn restaurant when he told his boss he needed to go to the hospital.

"She told me I was fired and she never wanted to see me again and I should never return," Barrera, 36, told the Daily News.

Barrera, 36, who worked as a cook at Tina's Place on Flushing Ave. in Bushwick, will be marching across the Brooklyn Bridge today to champion city legislation mandating employers provide workers with paid sick leave.
Read More in the Daily News.

Hundreds of members of the United Food and Commercial Workers Local 152  voted yesterday on a new four-year contract with Acme supermarkets.

UFCW Local 8 began to picket Fresh & Easy locations throughout California. Supermarket News has more.

Rockaways get a supermarket they've dreamed of, a new Stop & Shop will begin development by winter of this year.

UFCW Unveiled a study that showed Ohio spends roughly $68.5 million a year providing Wal-Mart employees with Medicaid, food stamps and 'welfare'.  You can read the entire report in PDF here.

Must Read: Washington Post: What Makes a Health Plan a 'Cadillac'?

The Villager writes on the possibilities of a 6th Avenue Trader Joe's.

A new report concludes that the NYS Liquor Authority is "fundamentally broken".

Marching for Paid Sick Days in NYC.  The Daily News has more on Paid Sick Days gaining momentum. asks if Grocery stocks will continue to rise.

UFCW Local 7 Contract update: King Soopers workers will vote on a contract today, while Safeway workers have already voted down their latest contract proposal.

A San Fransisco mayoral candidate writes an open letter to John Mackey of Whole Foods, as they plan to open a new store in the San Fran area, quick excerpt from the letter:
Also, our Board of Supervisors has taken a stand in support of the Employee Free Choice Act pending in Congress.

In Noe Valley, these are important issues given the closure of Real Food for over six years because of an illegal attempt to deny employees the right to union representation.

I believe these issues speak to our values and concerns and I would hope that you might consider alternative views as you seek to expand your work in our great City.

Read the entire letter here at the San Francisco Gate.

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