Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Wednesday Morning One Liners...Wal-Mart voted Greenest by consumers?

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AFL-CIO President Richard Tumpka to Bankers: "You work for us now."

In a surprising study, consumer see Clorox and Wal-Mart as the 'Greenest Companies'.

Fairway and Columbia Athletics are teaming up

The Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Co., Inc. (A&P) has promoted Carol DiNicolantonio to the position of VP of pharmacy, A&P..

Washington Square News looks at Fruit Vendors.

Workers at Ford voted against cuts yesterday, which would have been their third labor concession in the last two years. 

Politics, Politics

The Times reviews last nights final Mayoral debate between Thompson and Bloomberg.

The Daily News writes about the praise Andrew Cuomo is receiving from the White House.

Census Data: A Republican senator’s proposal to count only United States citizens when reapportioning Congress would cost California five seats and New York and Illinois one each, according to an independent analysis of census data released Tuesday. Texas, which is projected to gain three seats after the 2010 census, would get only one.

By 2050, the world's population will be 9.1 billion....Requiring a 70% increase in global food production, the New York Times asks, how will we feed them?
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