Monday, July 18, 2011

A&P/Pathmark Update; July 18, 2011

To All Local 1500 members working at Pathmark (A&P):

All 13 of the UFCW Locals involved with A&P remain united and determined to work and negotiate jointly as we move through this process. Late in the day on Wednesday, July 13th, the Local unions received a second proposal from the company. Unfortunately, it is becoming more and more apparent that the company is not listening or does not believe us when we say that we will not allow them to take advantage of this situation. Their second proposal is not much different than their initial, as they seem intent on placing the full burden of their recovery plan squarely on the shoulders of You – Our members!

In their latest proposal, the company is still seeking hundreds of layoffs, drastic wage reductions, elimination of Sunday premiums, and changes that would jeopardize your pension. As if it is not enough for them to reach into your pocket, they are also seeking language changes that we believe do not provide them with any real savings. These proposed changes, categorized as “Managements Rights” would decimate many of your union protections and severely endanger your job security. As part of their latest proposal the company is seeking to “Rightsize the Workforce,” which is a corporate term for the layoff of hundreds of people. Included in the proposal are language changes that would allow them to change how they conduct that layoff.

They are seeking changes to our seniority rights and bumping procedures that would make it easier for them to conduct a layoff and realize a savings through the elimination of rate retention. This would allow them to layoff the least senior people and replace them with people with more seniority at the rate of pay of those that they laid off! It is becoming more and more apparent that the company believes that they will be able to get what they want – when they want it! And they expect you to give it to them! It is that thought process that allowed them to give millions of dollars in bonuses to their executives and 2 months later expect you to accept these unreasonable and devastating concessions. They are mistaken!

As we have said from the beginning, we are willing to help this company with their financial recovery but will not allow them to take advantage of the situation but they do not seem to be listening. We have been working hard to avoid a Strike, but we must be prepared for one! While we still hope one can be avoided, it is something that is becoming more of a possibility! Should a Strike become necessary, our Local Unions are ready, are you? We are asking all of our UFCW members working at A&P to begin to prepare themselves for a possible strike. A&P must understand that we are willing to Chip In - Not Give In!

Please contact us for any questions of concerns you may have, or by contacting your union representative at 1-800-522-0456. 

In Solidarity,

Bruce W. Both, President

Anthony Speelman, Secretary-Treasurer


Anonymous said...

I am a non-union night store manager for Pathmark that has been in the grocery business for 40+ years. I also work in the Philadelphia area. I have and will support the local and other unions involved in this fight. The company in my opinion is trying to put all the give backs onto the lowest paid workers. Has anybody heard of a pay freeze for top management? Has anybody heard of give backs for top management. I thought this was supposed to be a shared sacrifice but it seems they want the union employees to be 100% responsible for any give backs. The proposals that i have read are appalling and am upset that they would even put it in writing. We all have to remember that most of the top management are nothing but mercenaries, they have not worked for A&P or any other entity of our company. Once and if A&P ever comes out of bankruptcy they will move on counting their money that they took out of it. They have done nothing to improve the stores, most of the stores not all in the Philadelphia area are appalling, dirty, dank and the lack of maintenance really shows. We were told that we cannot compete on price with the likes of shop-rite and walmart but should make it up with customer service, are you kidding me!!! We have so few employees in the stores it is a struggle to service our customers at a minimum. Dave F.

Anonymous said...

We will fight only for a significant sum of money or an issue that seriously affects our lives.
What A&P is asking is seriously affecting our lives, and our livelihood would they want what they are proposing for us for them? I think not.

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