Thursday, July 14, 2011

Thursday News Recaps @ Noon: Tengelmann A&P Exit Expected, New Fairway Markets

Eight (8) former Superfresh stores (parent, A&P) were taken over by Fresh & Green's, some stores have already opened, while a few are still under renovations.

REPORT: Tengelmann Group to exit A&P in bankruptcy process...

A&P launched a new brand of organic local chickens....More @PhillyBlurbs.

Target will offer groceries and fresh food in Canada. More @CTV.  The Wall Street Journal predicts their Canadian entry will affect other American retailers there.

Long Island Herald: Labor Board Reviews Target Valley Stream Union Vote.

Target told Valley Stream employees they couldn't afford to give raises to them...But they did find a way to spend $760,000 on lobbying in 1Q.

Walmart cozies up to Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz.

The Brooklyn Rail: No Place for Walmart.
Walmart in New York City is far from inevitable. As one market analyst put it, Walmart needs New York City more than New York City needs Walmart, thus echoing the views of other company watchers. The company has grown desperate, but its urban growth strategy in still largely untested and unproven. So opponents feel that they can escalate their campaign and make it much harder for Walmart to come in.
Great Read: Bloomberg News: With Walmart's Sex Suit Win, The Jokes on Women.


Albertsons announced last week they'll be removing their self checkouts in order to focus on more customer service.

Fairway Market is making lease deals to open a store in Passaic County in New Jersey and another in South Shore in Nassau County next year. The grocery chain will also open a store in Rockland County in 2013.  Read more @ Wall Street Journal.

In Amityville, NY, a new Stop & Shop is currently being built, though the sign color scheme was not allowed according to a town law, the town's planning board has just OK'd the new color scheme. [Newsday]

Stop & Shop also debuted 'Scan IT! Mobile', allowing shoppers to complete their entire purchase on their iphone.

In the wake of two closing supermarkets in Greenburgh, NY, two more will open this year. [lohud]

Aldi wants to open up in Buffalo (NY), but some law makers are skeptical on it drawing business away from small, local shops.

Ahold has named a new pharmacy SVP.

Thousands of SoCal Union members are supporting grocery workers fighting for a new contract.

Here's an update on California UFCW negotiations....[KDAF] [LA Times]

An HBO Documentary of the Stella D'Oro strike is being released, telling the workers story. 

Via UFCW: is launching a new effort--and they need our help. The goal is to help create a "Contract for the American Dream"—a people-powered plan for creating an economy that works for ALL of us. UFCW members and allies can play a key role in this effort: helping to choose the best ideas for fixing our economy.

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