Friday, July 15, 2011

AP: Target's Honeymoon Could be Over

The headline says it all.  Yesterday, the Associated Press wrote about the Target workers from Valley Stream (NY) who began the movement change a billion dollar company. The movement derived from a group of workers uniting together and demanding respect.

Target's response? An all out blitzkrieg of anti-union propaganda and intimidation.  From anti-union websites  (which was conveniently taken down, head here for a recap on it) to anti-union videos to dispersing literature which threatened to close the store if the union won, Target took no consideration for labor laws or their team members.  Lying to team members about what would happen if the union won was a decision to choose more profits and lucrative raises for execs rather than respect for their employees.  Target's honeymoon is over, the national attention from the election at Valley Stream showed the American public the type of company they really are, one who has little respect for the hard working people who make their company so successful.  Target still has the opportunity to change, and they should start by respecting their employees.

Check out the AP Story here:

Help the movement grow, suggest Target Change ( to your co-workers and friends!

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