Monday, April 25, 2011

Target Change

Logo of Target, US-based retail chainImage via WikipediToday, Crain's NY Business reported the workers at Target in Valley Stream have filed for a union election.  You can follow and support the campaign on Facebook & Twitter @TargetChange, hashtag and follow campaign news with #targetchange or #nytarget
“We have pride in our company, but we just don't feel they have pride in us,” -Target Employee
The campaign is about changing the environment at a growing company which has essentially gotten a free pass.  The Walmart NYC battle has truly inspired workers at Target to fight for their own change. Check out the article @ Crain's and be sure to support the workers at Target who are fighting for change.  You can send them an email of support at

Below is a message that Target workers have been forwarding to each other since they filed for election:
"Dear Team, We have submitted the relevant document to the department of labor of our intention for a union to represent us.  There is strength in unity, that is us."
Your messages of support to the workers at Target are greatly appreciated.

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