Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tuesday Morning News Briefs: 4/16-4/19

In Greenburgh, the town is offering free shuttles to ShopRite once a week, in order to deal with the town's two A&P supermarket closures.

Developer seeks money back from A&P...

A&P has listed the 25 SuperFresh stores for sale.

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission here said Wal-Mart has agreed to pay $440,000 to settle a federal harassment lawsuit by 10 employees who said they endured ethnic slurs and derogatory remarks on a daily basis while working at a Sam's Club in Fresno, Calif.

Here's a shocker to some, Target beats Whole Foods in sustainably seafood rankings.

In Massachusetts where a controversial Whole Foods is being planned in a low income area, it was recently discovered a task force official sitting on the Town's Board of Directors is actually employed by Whole Foods.  Whole Foods has also made donations to the town board.  The Wall Street Journal has more on the fight.

D'Agostino's has some new Earth Day plans.

Racked says if you're worried about a Walmart in NYC, there's already a German one in Queens, Aldi.

Walmart workers get $440K after racial slurs.

Walmart also bought a Social Media Firm, Kosmix.  Business Insider tells us why they spent $300 million to buy a Social Media firm.

Don't let Stop & Shop tell you their economic woes, the parent company announced they're investing $4 million to revamp their corporate offices in Quincy, Mass.  More @ Boston Herald.

They [Stop & Shop] also opened a new store in New Haven last week.  And here in New York, they've donated 1,000 pounds of food to the Queens Jewish Community Council for Passover.

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