Thursday, April 7, 2011

NY Industry News Briefs: 4/6-4/7

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Forbes observes while Walmart and Target are changing to smaller format stores for more 'urban appeal', Aldi has the upper hand, as demonstrated in Queens.

Progressive Grocer was at the grand opening of Food Town in Williamsburg.

Stop & Shop celebrated their 21st anniversary.

A&P is suing Stop & Shop for allegedly  hiring a former executive, Rocky Vitale.

In D.C., Walmart protesters disrupted a City Council session.

Speaking of Walmart, it was announced recently they're the least loved department store on Social Media.
In San Diego, where Walmart is also spending millions of dollars to gain support to open a store, a bill passed requiring new "superstores" (90,000 sqft or more) to conduct economic impact analysis studies, part of the permit process.  Read more @ Sign on San Diego.

The UFCW rallied for justice for Fresh and Easy workers in California.

BJ's CEO Laura Sen made $4M this year.

From New Jersey: A&P Barnegat scheduled to close this month, the company is mum on workers.  Real estate owners say another tenant, possibly a supermarket may fill the vacant space.

In Wisconsin, voters are coming out against Gov. Scott Walker's candidates. 

The City canned plans to pave the Coney Island boardwalk with cement.

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