Tuesday, April 5, 2011

NY Industry News Briefs: 4/1-4/5

Martin Luther King, Jr.Cover of Martin Luther King, Jr.

In March, jobs increased by 216,000.

AFL-CIO Blog: Walker's attacks on workers creates a new interest for unions in America.

Stop & Shop hires 150 local workers, 100 from the closed Shaw's store in CT.

Last week a judge upheld the ruling for Walmart's $7K fine from OSHA, for the tragedy at their Valley Stream store, when a temporary employee was trampled to death on Black Friday in 2008.  The Times reports how Walmart aggressively fought this fine, and is planning to appeal it, spending over $2 million fighting the $7,000 fine. More @ Columbia Journalism Review.
Walmart is also thinking of testing California deliveries. More @ Consumerist.

Last month, the NY POST wrote an article which inaccurately depicted supermarket prices throughout NYC.  Today, Nicholas Dagostino published his response.

On April Fools Day the Working Families Party put out a fake press release announcing a partnership with Walmart.

No joke, Mini-Walmarts are coming; WSJ.

Walmart's massive PR campaign continued today with new mailers going out throughout NYC.

Here's why Martin Luther King Jr. would support Public Workers.

MLK III is also making a push for living wage with elected officials. 

A&P is suing Stop & Shop for hiring Ex-Operations Vice President.

A&P also announced a new Kosher promotion, hiring/establishing a new "Kosher category manager".

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