Thursday, March 31, 2011

Mid-Week News Briefs:

United Food and Commercial WorkersImage via WikipediaWalmart is currently in the largest class action suit in US history, on Tuesday, the Supreme Court heard the case Walmart Stores v. Dukes, in order to determine if Walmart is simply "too big" for a class action suit.  More @Supermarket News.

ABC News looks at how other companies embrace women at the workplace.

A&P's retired executives are seeking representation in A&P's Chapter 11, they stopped receiving payments in November from their plan.

Governor Walker is ignoring a court order and publishing his law, curbing collective bargaining for public employees.

The Governor in Maine has removed a mural which illustrated the history of working families in the state.  More:[Video]

Supermarket News reported on UFCW's push for April 4th, We are ONE rally.

Crain's reports a new 16,000 sqft Grocer will be opening on 110th Street.

Walmart is paying attention to the "changing consumer".

The NY Times looks at Aldi, where Walmart (NYC) has failed, they've succeeded.

The Walmart Truth Tour is coming to NYC on Thursday! Earlier this week they were in Chicago, check out the video and report from Progressive Illinois.

Austin Guest from JWJ, "Walmart Associates in their own words, 'this company doesn't respect workers'"

Must Read: Excellent editorial from Matt Ryan of NYJWJ: Sometimes It Takes a Fire to Wake Us Up.
The Atlantic makes is simple, Walmart is greedy and just wants more.

Ohio continues attack on workers, passes Anti-Worker bill.

In Oregon, the UFCW is rallying supporting workers from Albertsons, Fred Myer & Safeway.

Michigan's Item Pricing Law was repealed.

Trader Joe's frozen pizza has been recalled, 131,000 pounds of it.

In Pittsburgh, the UFCW is protesting Giant Eagle's massive cutbacks in workers' hours.

Contracts with 100,000 NY State workers end today at midnight.

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