Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Mid Week One-Liners: 3/6-3/9

“Almost half of this shopping center depends on that store!” said Connie’s Pizza owner Louis Sabino. “It’ll kill us when it closes.”- Small Business Owners concerned about the  Nostrand Ave. Pathmark closing.

Whole Foods in Tribeca is now offering a concierge service.

In California, where the UFCW is negotiating contracts covering 62,000 grocery workers, Paul Suchecki of the Venice Patch writes an Op-Ed entitled 'Unions Get No Respect'.

BJ's Wholesale Club is expanding to Buffalo.

Stand in Solidarity on April 4th! the AFL-CIO has organized a 'We are One' rally.  Supporting workers across Wisconsin, Indiana, Ohio and throughout America.

Last week we objected to A&P's bonus plan, yesterday, a judge in White Plains sort of objected:
U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Robert Drain in White Plains, N.Y., on Tuesday gave the company permission to pay bonuses to more than 140 "second-tier" managers, saying those bonuses had triggers that were not a "walk in the park." He said the company needs to develop a business plan, negotiate more terms for its reorganization and show more business metrics before granting $440,000 per person to three top executives, however. More @ Supermarket News -Bloomberg News/North Jersey.
 Pathmark announced a new program "Pathmark Perks" for their shoppers.

Mom & Pops surrounding Nostrand Ave. Pathmark are concerned about business once the Pathmark closes.  Yournabe wonders if they need another supermarket and who will fill the vacant space.

Props to Chicago Mayor-elect Rahm Emanuel for warning food retailers, if they're planning to grow their businesses in the city of Chicago they must include the supply of fresh fruits and vegetables to underserved inner-city neighborhoods in their plan.

Yesterday was International Women's Day.  Check out Secretary of Labor Hilda L. Solis' statement here.  Join the UFCW Women's Network on Facebook, and watch this video: James Bond for Women's Rights.

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