Monday, March 28, 2011

Monday One-Liners: 3/26-2/28:

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The firm who facilitated the sale of Penn Traffic last year was honored.

Target's P-Fresh (Grocery) is opening in Connecticut & St.Louis. 

Analysis from Supermarket News: "Stop & Shop's Expansion Continues with Foodtown Purchases"

The NY Times looks at Walmart's Political Campaign to enter NYC. 

Walmart has spent a lot of money on their political campaign to gain support of New Yorkers in order to open their first NYC Store,  WalmartWatch is holding an event on Thursday, March 31 @ NYU with workers from across the Globe... From WalmartWatch:
The company is spending a lot of money to change the debate from the real issue, which is how it treats its associates and creates poverty-level jobs throughout its supply chain. As the world’s largest retailer, how Walmart impacts workers across the globe is a good preview of what kind of jobs it is going to try to bring to NYC. Three workers representing different links in the Wal...mart supply chain will be appearing in New York on Thursday, March 31th as part of Sweatshop, Warehouse, Walmart: A Worker Truth Tour. RSVP on Facebook!

UFCW Local 8 will begin an informational picket at a new Fresh and Easy in California, you can read Fresh & Easy Buzz's take.

This morning, a Walmart Organizer spoke on a panel at the White House, at a Women's History Month Event.

On Tuesday, the Supreme Court will hear the infamous Dukes vs Walmart, the largest discrimination suit in United States history.

If you haven't had enough of Walmart NYC polls, there is a new one, showing that New Yorkers agree that a Walmart in NYC would be bad for business.

Wisconsin, Politics, Nation:

What's going in the Midwest, has many middle class workers re-thinking their allegiance to the GOP.  And with high union voter turnout, the Wisconsin Senators are likely to be recalled.

Tom Morello rallied with the UFCW and unions across California this past Saturday, check out the video!

AFL-CIO Blog: Wisconsin Protests, Opportunity for Labor.

In Nassau the MTA eliminated more than half of their 48 bus lines, affecting an estimated 16,000 riders.  Check this image out to see the reductions in service.

Governor Andrew Cuomo said a tentative $132.5 billion state budget deal was struck late Sunday night.

Embattled Suffolk County executive, Steve Levy, who flipped to Republican last election season, has ended his bid for a third term.

As of Friday, there has been no ruling on Scott Walker's Wisconsin "Union Law" curbing bargaining rights for Public Workers.  A lower court declined to weigh in, now the state Supreme Court will weigh in.


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