Friday, March 11, 2011

Friday Morning One-Liners: 3/9-3/11;

“And for those politicians who seek to emulate Governor Walker, rest assured, these attacks on middle class families have unified and inspired an even stronger grassroots movement for change in this country.”   UFCW International's statement on GOP attacking workers' rights.

Wednesday night under sobering pressure from polls and recalls, Governor Walker urgently rammed through his anti-union legislation"In 30 minutes, the 18 Republican senators stripped away 50 years of worker rights," Poll after poll shows support for Public Workers and thousands of protesters rushed the state Capitol in Wisconsin.

The UFCW International released a statement on Wisconsin GOP's attack on workers. 

Labor has vowed to step up the recall effort in Wisconsin, "This legislative gimmick proves Walker's attack on the middle class was never about balancing the budget; it was always about stripping workers of a voice and rewarding the cronies who helped finance his campaign." Read more @ Huffington Post.

Mad about Wisconsin?? Tell your NY elected officials via AFL-CIO.  

32 BJ Press Release: Democracy, Not Just Wages, Under Attack in Wisconsin & Elsewhere.

Thousands gather @ Indiana's Statehouse for a labor rally.

NFL Players back Indiana's public workers.

The first three 15,000 sqft Walmarts will open between May and early summer in Arkansas.  More @Bloomberg.

Business Week & The WSJ report Walmart plans on opening 'hundreds' of small stores.

On Thursday, Walmart said the company is considering acquiring retailers with smaller stores to help turn around its weakened U.S. business.  More @ ABC News.
In a few days, Betty Dukes will be fighting Walmart in the Supreme Court, send her a message of encouragement.

Join Walmart Watch in calling Justice Antonin Scalia to recuse himself from the Dukes v. Walmart case.  The Justice's son is a partner at Walmart's law firm in the massive gender discrimination suit.

A  BJ's Wholesale club will be opening in Garden City in 2012.

Fresh Direct is receiving a $50M investment to expand out of NY.

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