Thursday, March 3, 2011

Thursday 3/3 Lunchtime One-Liners:

 “I've worked there from August 2004 and I have never had a vacation; I've gotten sick and had to go to work sick; I've worked on holidays and haven't gotten paid extra; and I never got overtime,” said Jesus Najera, a 31-year-old immigrant from Honduras who plans to vote in favor of the union. “We think that with the union there will be changes for the better at the store.” -From Today's Crain's: Two Brooklyn Supermarkets Hit with Class-Action Suits.

Target has beaten Walmart in a pricing survey.

Meanwhile, they've [Target] just paid $35M for a hefty piece of property in the Bronx, looking for their third store in the borough. 

BJ's Wholesale Club is projecting gains in 2011.

King Kullen's new nutritional shopping guide is a hit, so far.

BJ's Wholesale Club's profit's are in the decline by 81%, but rising fuel costs have been a major help... Their Q4 was dragged down by expenses but its adjusted results beat expectations, sending its shares higher.

Ahold's (Stop & Shop) Q4 profit is down 42%. More @CanadianBusiness.

CBS News says retail sales were strong, but expect price increases soon.

Atlantic City Press: Town board to review Walmart's Expansion.

Our brothers and sisters @Local338 & @NYChange (NY Communities for Change) are working to improve working conditions at two Brooklyn Supermarkets. Great work!

If you've been following the Walmart South Africa story, Walmart's merger w/ Massmart (South Africa) is a threat, both sides have been unwilling to unwillingness to make any  commitments that would address public interest concerns about the impact of the merger on local procurement, food security and broad-based black economic empowerment: “A merger of the size of the proposed Wal-Mart/Massmart transaction, and with the size and leverage of the parties which are involved, could, if not properly regulated, go some way towards undermining the New Growth Path”, the departments said.

Brooklyn Business Owners Fear Walmart's Presence...Edgar Andrade fears Wal-Mart's low prices would drive his hardware and dollar store out of business if the company opened a location nearby.

’s Women Problem: "New Yorkers might think twice before allowing such drama into our City" 

More than 20,000 rally for Ohio for Public Employees. But yesterday Ohio's Senate passed a Bill to weaken collective bargaining rights for public employees, the bill bans the right to strike, read more @ The NY Times
In Ohio, Nina Turner, a Senate Democrat, said, “This bill seeks to vilify our public employees and turn what used to be the virtue of public service into a crime.” At its heart, the bill redraws rules governing how several hundred thousand public-sector workers bargain with the governments that employ them. Among the most objectionable parts, workers said, are the rules giving local officials the final say in breaking labor impasses. Currently, non-elected, third parties decide.
Why are workers being used as bailouts for economic problems? The elected officials are mostly to blame for fiscal problems, not workers!

UFCW Activists, help workers in Ohio!

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