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NY Industry News Round Up: 4/19-4/21

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 "We will not allow any employer, regardless of size, to attempt to take advantage of another employer's unfortunate circumstances.  We will not be divided on this, and stand ready with our sister UFCW and RWDSU Locals and their members..."
-A letter to all employers with CBA's with UFCW Locals representing A&P stores, check it out on our blog.

Bazzini (notorious peanuts from Yankee Stadium) is closing their manufacturing plant in the Bronx and moving to P.A., cutting 57 jobs.

DNAinfo says East Harlem shops are lame and residents want to shop local.

Students at NYU are standing up for Farmers' rights @ Trader Joe's.
The goal, she says, is to change Trader Joe's, not to sabotage it.
"I don't think it's a terrible company," she said. "I just think it's ridiculously secretive and its marketing is false." 

Locals from Fort Greene, Brooklyn, want more than just bread from their new Red Apple Supermarket.  The store is planned to create over 100 unionized jobs.

A Local 1500 represented ShopRite in Staten Island sold a winning mega millions lottery ticket on Friday worth $72 million. When the winner comes forward, the store will get $10,000.
The store owner, Kevin Mannix, plans to donate the bonus to three organizations that help the homeless and hungry.  Great job!

 ShopRite is helping to rebuild a Church and a Food Pantry in upstate NY. 

They [ShopRite] also rumored to be taking a new site up in the Captial Region.

A Stop & Shop in Queens provides emergency assistance to Kosher Food Pantry.

A new Stop & Shop is set to open next month in Oceanside, creating over 150 union jobs to the area.

Stop & Shop is also replacing their 'produce lighting'

More than 60,000 Southern California grocery workers are voting on whether to authorize a strike against some of the state's largest supermarket chains.

A study released on Monday by University of California, Berkeley’s Center for Labor Research and Education found that increasing wages to $12 per hour would cost Wal-Mart $3.2 billion if applied to all workers across the United States. That amounts to about 1 percent of the company’s annual sales of $305 billion.  Read more @WorkinginTheseTimes.  More @ Huffington Post.

A Dover (Delaware) landlord is weary about his shopping center now that A&P's SuperFresh is up for sale.

Tell lawmakers 'don't make us work until we die!' In a new video message from the coalition, Strengthen Social Security, Don't Cut it!  Check it out @AFL-CIO's blog.

The Fifth Wisconsin recall petition is ready for filing.

While Republican lawmakers and right-wing talking heads try to demonize the union movement, physicians, nurses, flight instructors, technicians, bakers and more are the latest workers to choose a voice on the job with AFL-CIO unions.  Read more @ the AFL-CIO Blog.

Our next General Membership Meeting is June 8th, RSVP on Facebook!

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