Thursday, March 15, 2012

03.14.12 General Membership Recap

President Both speaking at the General Membership Meeting
Summary of last night's General Membership Meeting:

(Note: All exclusive Member-privileged information has been omitted) After the minutes of Executive Board meetings were read, Secretary-Treasurer Tony Speelman spoke about mobilization, Pathmark and Local 1500 members banding together now, in preparation for 2013 contract negotiations.  He encouraged Local 1500 members to join the S.T.A.R.T. program to get involved with their union.  (To sign up for the START program, head here:

President Both gave a presentation on the State of the Union, giving an in-depth analysis on the current campaigns of Local 1500:
  • Current Contracts in Negotiations
    • Shelf Life
    • D'Agostino
  •  Pathmark, A&P Bankruptcy
    • Phase II: Buyouts, President Both explained Buyouts, Bumps and the next steps in Pathmark emerging from Bankruptcy
  •  Mobilization and Preparation for 2013 Contract Negotiations, Organizing Drives
    • President Both explained Secretary-Treasurer Tony Speelman will be re-igniting the START program in order to mobilize for upcoming contract negotiations in 2013 as well as organizing campaigns against Target.
  • Fairway Stores
  • 348-S
  • Political Campaigns
    • Walmart, preservation in NYC
    • November Elections
    • Plastic Bags
    • Wine in Supermarkets
    • Wage Theft Bill: (Checkout our statement on Wage Theft)
    • Minimum Wage (statement on Minimum Wage)
  •  Organizing
    • Explanations on organizing drives within two companies (not for publication) and the Target NLRB hearing, organizing progress 
Special Projects Director Aly Waddy then gave a full report on the National Labor Board's federal trial against Target, for violations of the National Labor Relations Act during the organizing drive in Valley Stream last June. She encouraged members to get involved with helping Target workers attain basic working rights.

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