Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Like Walmart, Target to Close Store Vying to Unionize

In a move mirroring what Walmart did in Texas when butchers organized and then again in 2004 in Canada, when Walmart decided to close a store in Jonquiere, Quebec, after workers unionized (the Supreme Court of Canada backed the company’s move, which Walmart blamed on financial factors).  Target in another scare tactic maneuver, plans on closing the Valley Stream store for 6-months during "renovations". It just may be a little ironic or coincidental that they also plan on removing any employee that is "not in good standing" with the company.  It's modern day disgusting, union-busting.   This is the only way for Target to break up this campaign to bring change to Target.

Don Schroeder, an attorney with Mintz Levin who represents employers on labor issues, said the National Labor Relations Board would likely seek so-called 10(j) relief to prevent the store’s closure. Target would have to present evidence in court that the closure is “part and parcel of what they do as a business,” he said. 
He added that the publicity surrounding the case and the board’s increasing desire to seek injunctions since Barack Obama became president make it a candidate for such a move.
“Based on how contentious everything has been, I’d be shocked if the board didn’t pursue 10(j) relief,” he said. “I think it’s very likely to head to federal court.”
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