Saturday, March 3, 2012

Pathmark Member Advisory from President Bruce Both

Pathmark Member Advisory
March 3,2012

Local 1500, along with other unions that represent A&P workers, have been advised that A&P will be offering a Voluntary Separating Program (VSP) to select Full Time employees. Details of the plan will be presented by the company.

A&P has determined that it must reduce it's labor costs if it is to become profitable in the future.  The company has stated that starting March 5th, information about the VSP will be communicated to eligible Full Time employees throughout the week.

During the following week, meetings with eligible Full Time employees will be held by company Human Resource Managers at various locations.  During subsequent weeks eligible employees must make their decision if they are going to accept the company sponsored buy out.

It is our understanding that the last day of employment, for those who accept the buyout will be April 21st.  As final details of the plan become available we will keep you updated.



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