Monday, July 9, 2012

Monday's News Afternoon: Read these stories

A&P just renovated a Pathmark in Weehawken, NJ- Supermarket News has before and after pics.

A&P also said their PA Pathmarks are not for sale.

A federal mediator has been called into negotiations between Save Mart and UFCW 8.

The Westside Market opened a new store on, how appropriate, the west side of Manhattan.

Supermarket CEOs are optimistic despite the weak economy.

The NLRB made a ruling on Palermo's Pizza ULP's filed by UFCW 1473 in Milwaukee.

Alternet gives 5 basic talking points for defending Obamacare.

Here's a great and chilling editorial in the NY Times on Walmart suppliers: Forced Labor on American Shores.
The workers said the company forced them to work 16- to 24-hour days, and 80-hour weeks, at illegally low rates, sometimes locked in the plant, peeling crayfish until their hands felt dead. Some were threatened with beatings.
Just Read it: The Job Creation Saga. The United Steelworkers did not take no for an answer, and proved unions can thrive in the USA.

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