Monday, July 16, 2012

What We're Reading Monday: Rally for Locked Out Con Edison Workers

The Wall Street Journal wants to know: What's Wrong with America's Supermarkets?

The NLRB slammed Tesco for their anti-union coupons, the coupons apologized to customers for union picket lines.

Bronx residents are flocking to Queens to apply for jobs w/  Fresh Direct, as the company plans to open a new warehouse in the Bronx in 2013.

A study pronounced Target pays more attention to social media and responds more frequently than Walmart.

Target & Walmart are on a Canadian hiring binge.

Unbelievable: US Olympic Team Uniforms Made in China

Huffington Post Op-Ed on our own USA Olympic team not purchasing American made gear for the opening ceremonies. Ugh.  Update: 2014 uniforms will now be made in America due to outcry, Romney says "it doesn't matter."

Mass Labor March Tomorrow, July 17, 2012 at 5:30 PM to support the locked out Con Edison workers. Here's a list of all the solidarity support sites.  Sign the petition online to support the 8,500 locked out workers here.

ShopRite bought a gas station in Albany to compete with Price Chopper.

SaveMart in Cali has reached a settlement with UFCW Locals 5, 8 and 648.  More @ Patch. Here's the UFCW statement.

Commentary: Union Organizing is Community Organizing in Brooklyn @ Golden Farms.
The support of NYCC and the unions couldn’t have come at a better time for Golden Farm workers. Overtime and wage and hour violations are prevalent at the community grocery, and the clear violations forced Mr. Kim to settle the aforementioned 2011 class action lawsuit. Prior to the election, Mr. Kim forced employees to meet with an anti-union consultant.
Oregon's cannabis tax makes the ballot in November, why is this in here? UFCW 555 was a major supporter of this initiative.

Whole Foods is planning layoffs in Illinois.   They're also suing Vitamin Shoppe over a campaign slogan: "Core Health Starts Here" which they claim is too similar to Whole Foods notorious slogan "Health Starts Here"

Acme's parent company said the supermarket chain may explore more options as sales are continually down,  Local 1776 President said bankruptcy does not appear imminent.

New York City Taxi Drivers received an overdue raise last week.

Head shaking story of the week: Aldi in Europe destroyed a row of 300-year old cottages under historical preservation while "developing" a new store, they won't be fined or penalized although because it's "too expensive to fine them". 

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