Friday, September 20, 2013

Top Stories This Week:


1. Typical American Family Makes Less Than it Did in 1989. Census buearu report unvieled this alarming data this week.

2.  We released a new update on contract negotiations with Stop & Shop and King Kullen.  Supermarket News also wrote up on it.

3.  Despite DC Mayor's veto of the living wage bill, polls show an overwhelming majority of public support of the bill.

4.  Walgreens is shifting health coverage for 160,000 workers due to Obamacare.

5.  Whole Foods is launching a butcher training program.

6.  Staples workers made history this week, becoming the first to win a contract in North America (Canada).

7. Amazon warehouse workers are suing the company for some outrageous security precautions.

8. The House passed a bill that will cut SNAP (food stamps).

9.  Rob Shaich, Panera CEO, is attempting to live on $4.25 a day joining the SNAP challenge.

10.  47 million people rely on SNAP, cutting it is putting us on a dangerous road. Check out why at HungerCliff  add your voice on ThunderClap

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