Thursday, September 5, 2013

Walmart Workers and Supporters Plan for Largest Mobilization Since Black Friday

As calls to rebuild the economy with better jobs reverberate across the country, Walmart workers and their supporters announced the largest mobilization since Black Friday, set for Thursday, September 5.

The announcement comes as Walmart has failed to meet a Labor Day deadline to reinstate illegally fired and disciplined workers and publicly commit to improve wages and jobs. Thousands of workers and their supporters plan to protest on Thursday in over a dozen cities across the country.

Since June, Walmart has illegally disciplined nearly 80 workers, including fi ring 20 worker-leaders. More than 100 Unfair Labor Practice charges have been fi led with the NLRB against Walmart.

“Walmart, we cannot wait any longer for you to do the right thing for American workers. Our jobs should not be at risk when we speak out about improvements that would help our families and Walmart customers,” said a Cindy Murray a Walmart worker who was recently arrested for protesting at Walmart’s Washington, D.C. offices. 

“Walmart cannot silence our concerns,” said Brandon Garrett a former Walmart worker who was illegally fi red after going to Walmart’s annual shareholders meeting. “Our fight to get Walmart to publicly commit to providing better jobs is not just about improving the lives of our families. It’s about improving jobs for all American workers and for strengthening the economy for all of us.”

There are several ways to help support Walmart workers as they take action on September 5.

• Share the petition: Share and sign the petiton located at

• Sign up for Thunderclap: Thunderclap is like a social media bomb, where members can donate their Facebook of Twitter account for one post or tweet to Thunderclap by giving the app access to their account for a small window of time and encourage other supporters to do the same. It will send out one tweet or post at the same time from everyone’s accounts in a compressed amount of time to be most-effective. Members can sign up for Thunderclap at

• Spread the word on social media: Share any of the images located at or the video posted at on Facebook.   Go to Twitter to show their support. Sample Tweet: #WalmartStrikers are drawing a line. Stand with them for a real wage & workers’ rights on Sept. 5th @ChangeWalmart

• Actions: OUR Walmart is having actions on the ground across the country. All of those events are posted at the Action Network website at

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