Monday, September 9, 2013

Top 13 Things that Happened Last Week

1. #WalmartStrikers Nationwide Action

ON Thursday Walmart workers took action around the nation in support of 

We supported workers at an action in Valley Stream....Actions were held nationwide, like this flash mob in North Carolina a flash mob....Three protesters were arrested in NYC. You can head here to sign the petition to support the workers.

2.  "Cancer Isn't An Excuse" was told to a retail worker, check out how the mistreated workers got revenge on their boss.

3.  On Labor Day, too many workers are left in the shadows.

4.  Volkswagen won't fight off a unionization of a plant in Tennessee, and will instead work w/ the union to make a better workplace for employees... 

5.  Costco sales are up 6%....Surpassing $100 billion. (yeah, that's not a typo).

6.  Eataly, the italian specialty store in Chelsea NYC, is having a food-festival, and announced they're expanding to Chicago.

7.  Pathmark closed 3 stores today in New Jersey.  Watch how some workers and customers sadly said goodbye.

8. Price Chopper unvieled a new 'Bistro' concept.

9.  Report: Transgender? Likely your rights will be violated at your workplace.

10. Paul Krugman writes in the NYTimes:  Last five-years have been a tragic waste...Before our last financial crisis 63% of adults were employed in the US, after that, it hasn't gone above 59% to date.

11.  On surveillance and online privacy: "The NSA laughs at your encryption efforts"- NY Times.

12.  Stop & Shop is offering Flu shots.

13.  Ignore the headlines, this new jobs report was very bad, according the the Washington Post. (US added 169,000 jobs, unemployment fell a notch down)

Elsewhere Bonus
14.  How a Boston University hired Jackson Lewis to prevent Professors from organizing a union.


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