Friday, October 11, 2013

Top 13 Things That Went On This Week: Oct. 11

1.  We've signed another contract extenstion with Stop & Shop and King Kullen, bringing our deadline to midnight, November 2nd.  Supermarket News covered the extension also.

2.  Amazon's German workers threaten to strike before Christmas.

3.  250 workers in Houston Texas at Maximus Coffee (most of which are UFCW members) went on strike yesterday, in protest to managment's proposals to cut wages & benefits, increase premiums, and eliminating overtime...even on holidays.

4.  Safeway is exiting the Chicago market and disposing of its' 74 stores by 2014.

6. The Shutdown: Tired of this nonsense? Senator Warren is too- Check out what she had to say.  Business groups are seeing a major loss of influence in the Republican party...Why? The Tea Party.  And businesses are not happy to be hurting during the shutdown.  Republicans are getting the most blame for the shutdown....And apparently Americans like 'Nickelback more than Congress'

7.  32BJ has a ULP strike in Chelsea Manhattan, check picket line info here.

8.  Postal workers have elected new leadership, dedicated to building a movement.

9.  Anxiety is growing in families throughout the country as SNAP (food-stamps) are set to expire on October 31st.

10.  Fast-Food workers in Oregon have won a union!

11.  Interested in Immigration Reform? Check out The Daily Show's take on reforming immigration in U.S. from last night.

12. Another deadly factory fire has left 10 dead.

13.  Hospitals and insurers throughout the nation are trying to figure out how to reduce costs from patients dubbed "Super-Utlizers" - (Good read on ACA, healthcare)

14. Breast Cancer Walk is next Sunday! Register here!

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