Friday, October 25, 2013

Negotiation Committees Meet Up to Prepare for Negotiations

With negotiations between Stop & Shop and King Kullen stagnant, negotiation committees met this morning to gear up for today's negotiation sessions.

The two committees gathered together to discuss negotiation strategy, and issues that have been affecting both sides.  "I've been with King Kullen for 37-years," said committee member Norman Checkers, "We're fighting to create a better future for ourselves and our families, that's the most important thing about our union,  we're all  fighting for our families' livelihood."

Both King Kullen and Stop & Shop will be holding contract update meetings where strike authorization votes may be taken next week (Monday, 10/28 Stop and Shop, Tuesday, 10/29 King Kullen).  After the meeting and exchanging of ideas, committees went out to negotiations with their respective companies.

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