Friday, October 4, 2013

What Went on This Week: ACA, Fairway Openings, Walmart Struggles

1.  We've released another update on negotiations with Stop & Shop and King Kullen

2.  The amazingly delicious (and union) Fairway is opening up in Tribeca....And in Suffolk County in 2014.

3.  Fresh & Easy filed for bankruptcy, officially.  The details: Fresh and Easy owes their parent company, Tesco, $738 million.

4.  More Fresh: Fresh Direct has done the unthinkable, convinced customers to buy fish...over the internet.

5.  The Teamsters are back to work after rejecting the latest contract offer from Wegmans.  Around 900 workers rejected the offer.  The two sides are continuing to talk through the weekend, and expect to have a contract by Oct. 15.

6.  We hear a lot of bad things on the ACA for companies, but major drug stores have to a lot gain from health care reform.

7. The GOP Shutdown is not only hurting real people, it's hurting businessesBusiness Week reports many companies can't hire new employees, and are finding it harder and harder to sympathize with their default business party, the Republicans.  Two videos to watch on the Shutdown, 1) John Stewart.  2) President Obama tore into Republicans on the shutdown, which is worth the watch.

8.  The march for Immigrant Respect & Dignity is tomorrow, UFCW will be there.

9.  Earlier this year Walmart struggled to stock shelves, now, they're cutting supply orders as unsold merchandise is piling up in stores. Which leads to the question media outlets are asking, are Walmart customers disappearing? And of course, Walmart's Bangladesh safety scheme is dividing the Democratic Party...

10.  In These Times asks: Is the Fast-Food workers' fight for $15 real?  

11.  The Food Marketing Institute is urging customers not to panic during the government shut down, and to use their SNAP allotment wisely.

12. A CNN poll shows, people in unions are happier

13. Disney World has promoted their Part-Time workers to Full-Time for Obamacare benefits.  And the question still looms, which is better, Obamacare or the Affordable Care Act?

Bonus: Check out our October Event Calendar.  

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