Saturday, October 19, 2013

Top 13 things that Happened this week! Congratulations to Rhonda Nelson!

1.  Secretary Treasurer Tony Speelman on this week's negotiations with Stop & Shop and King Kullen: "We will not allow them to GUT our Healthcare." #standStrong.

2.  Here's a shocker alert, Humans are trumping robots at self-scanners.  Only optimism, self-scanners have tons of simple deficiencies 

3.  Check out UFCW 21's countdown till strike and show your solidarity with them.  Update on last week's story- Maximus workers in Texas are on day-nine of their strike with no date scheduled to resume negotiations.

4.  Walmart workers went on strike in Miami on Friday, in protest of firings.  They also offered a job back to an employee who was fired after helping an assault victim, problem is, the former employee doesn't want his job at Walmart back.

5.  Target has a new sustainable product gouge

6. The Shutdown: is OVER! By the way, the Labor Department was operating at just 20% during the shutdown.

7.  Fairway introduced new Fairway Coffee pods! Hooray

8.  Pittsburgh is solving their Food Desert problems. 

9.  Looming SNAP Cuts are putting our country in danger of falling off the #HungerCliff- Find our more about the growing anxiety in families throughout the country as SNAP (food-stamps) are set to expire on October 31st.

10.  NYC Mayoral Candidate Bill de Blasio stopped by to support Fast-Food workers this week.  He said: “The bottom line is, this is an unsupportable situation where every day hard-working people can’t make ends meet, and the companies involved certainly can do more,” de Blasio said as a squad of fast-food workers cheered behind him, and reporters scribbled notes on steno-pads. “And it is right, it is right, for leaders in government to step up on behalf of these workers and help them organize to win their rights."

11.  Graphic of the week via ProLaborAlliance:

12. Check out a sneak-peak of the Food Chain Workers Alliance new video- "Guess Who's Coming to Breakfast"

13. Breast Cancer Walk is THIS Sunday! Register here!

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14. Bonus: Our Recorder, Rhonda Nelson, for being named one of the top 50 influential women on Long Island this week! Well deserved and we're proud to have her in fighting for our UNION!

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