Monday, December 1, 2008

Monday Reads...

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Brian Foley is planning a post election fundraiser.

A Kosher Meat Packing plant in Queens has rejected the union [UFCW] in an election, the company bought banners reading "Obama says, unions are a bad deal for workers today,” one banner said. “Save your job. Vote ‘no’ union!” The banner appeared to overlook the fact that exit polls showed that 67% of union members voted for Obama.

Move over Fresh Direct, Aramark, the $12 billion food service conglomerate that operates in a range of venues across the country from school cafeterias to football stadiums, is launching a corporate catering service here early next year.

The Shaw's supermarket on Post Road East in Connecticut will close Jan. 15, costing 89 people their jobs. Brian Petronella confirmed the closing.

King Kullen leases property in Island Park.

The NY Post actually has a positive piece on Food Stamps with a quote from Purcell.
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