Monday, December 8, 2008

Monday News...

The NY Times covers the Chicago Factory sit-in.

More than 70 Mexican and Jamaican agriculture workers at multi-million dollar Ontario mushroom farm are fired, evicted and face defacto deportation [UFCW Press Release]

The Toronto Star has a more detailed story.

RWDSU President Stuart Applebaum has issued a statement.

A&P has released a "Winter preparation guide"

The Hudson Reporter offers a solution to the lack of Supermarkets, in NJ at least.

A man was kidnapped, stabbed at a Wal-Mart in San Diego.

An Immigration raid and legal action have left a northeast Iowa kosher slaughterhouse reeling, but they're not the reason the plant has struggled to remain open. Instead, a company that once was the nation's largest provider of kosher meat has crumbled largely due to a simple problem: an inability to hire enough workers.

Whole Foods has hired top lobbyists and lawyers to plead their FTC case in DC.

Whole Foods was mentioned in a WSJ article regarding 'Job Perks worth getting'


Adolfo Carrion Jr. revealed in New Haven Friday night that he’s being nominated for a top post in the incoming Obama administraiton.

Mayor Bloomberg will attend Vito Fossella's farewell bash.

The NYC City Council announces millions in cuts.

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