Friday, December 12, 2008

When will Wal-Mart close the Union Shop?, Friday One-Liners...

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Happy Friday, here's what's in the news12/12/2008

The Island Harvest is holding a few food drives at some Local 1500 stores this weekend.

Lee Scott will address the nation including the economy on Meet the Press Sunday

There has been a call for a state probe in the Black Friday stampede

WakeupWal-Mart is wondering how long it will take for the recently unionized Wal-Mart [Canada] to close.

Delhaize Group said it has named Stefan Descheemaeker as its new chief financial officer, effective Jan. 5.
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BJ's Wholesale Club here on Thursday made it official: Laura Sen will be its next chief executive officer.
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A coalition of food safety, science and consumer groups has urged President-elect Barack Obama to appoint a Secretary of Agriculture "who has had experience with or has been an advocate of the USDA's nutrition, food safety, and conservation programs" and who "has had experience providing leadership to a large and diverse organization."
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Stuart Applebaum released a statement regarding the idea of Caroline Kennedy taking Hillary's vacant Senate seat.

Applebaum also released a statement responding to a Labor Department report that the number of Americans collecting unemployment benefits has soared to 4.43 million.

Christine Quinn announced, No rebate checks for Christmas

Betsy Gotbaum is meeting with her potential successors.
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