Tuesday, December 23, 2008

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In a letter sent to President-elect Barack Obama last week, the National Grocers Association urged the incoming administration to maintain a level playing field for independent grocers through an economic stimulus, fair employee-employer legislation, federal regulation of credit card interchange fees and enforcement of antitrust laws.
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A former Wal-Mart and Fresh & Easy exec joins Walgreen's.

Balducci's is offering their own caviar line.

New York City’s budget gap may reach $8 billion in 18 months as the city’s Wall Street-dependent economy deteriorates, Tom DiNapoli.

Clinton is $13 Million she lent campaign.

Bloomberg defends Kennedy's bid for Clinton's vacated seat.

Kennedy spokesman Stefan Friedman said Ms. Kennedy fully intends to support the Democratic nominee for NYC Mayor, after the would-be senator avoided answering the question over the weekend.
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