Thursday, December 11, 2008

Whole Foods calls FTC pursuit a waste of time, BJ's Wholesale Club finds a new CEO, more one liners...

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Study shows an 84% increase in shoplifting.

Whole Foods CEO John Mackey said that the Federal Trade Commission's pursuit of antitrust claims in his company's acquisition of Wild Oats is "almost a vendetta" and is wasting time and money

Here's another story about getting locally grown food to Long Island schools.

Black Friday Death
Crain's reports the results from the Wal-Mart 'Black Friday' hearing yesterday.

Wal-Mart Organized in Canada
If you didn't hear another Wal-Mart was organized in Canada, the Mayor of the town is worried Wal-Mart will close the store.

Wal-Mart to purchase more from India
Wal-Mart spokesperson: "We will purchase around $630 million worth of goods directly from India this year - mostly apparel, home furnishings, textiles, shoes and jewelry. This is about 40% more than 2005. In addition, we purchase another $1.2 billion worth of goods from suppliers who source from India. We anticipate similar growth in the next year or two.”

The Asia Times questions if WakeupWal-Mart's advertising strategy is too aggressive....Their latest ad is available here.

BJ's Wholesale Club has a new CEO.

Fresh Market is opening a store in New Hampshire. They're still active in looking to open a store in either Long Island or upstate NY.

And Anthony Weiner is still running for Mayor.
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Anonymous said...

What's happening in terms of organizing with Whole Foods? This Blog - Natural~Specialty Foods Memo - has numerous posts on the FTC-Whole Foods issue, including a story about union issues.

Kevin - UFCW Southern CA