Thursday, August 20, 2009

Fresh Fanatic opens, City Council pushes for mandatory sick days

Dunkin' DonutsDunkin' Donuts operates 60 stores in the Bronx. Image via Wikipedia

Workers at Scott's vote in the UFCW Local 700.

Clinton Hill [Brooklyn] finally gets a supermarket, the two owners of 'Fresh Fanatic' are hoping the store becomes a destination stop for shoppers looking for superb organics. But they also want to prove that "Organic doesn't mean expensive".

City Council pushes for mandatory sick days: Businesses with more than 10 employees would have to offer nine paid sick days per year; smaller firms, five paid days. Fines of $1,000 floated

A new study looks at who has the most chain stores in the Bronx, Dunkin Donuts with 60 stores.

President Obama calls health reform a "Moral Obligation"

A flea market in Brooklyn was named #1 in the United States.

More on Seattle voting down plastic bag tax.

Sam's Club offers fair trade coffee.

70% of retailers are optimistic for 2010.

And CNN looks at 10 people who got rich during the Depression, Mike Cullen [King Kullen] one of them.

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