Wednesday, August 26, 2009

New Whole Foods in NYC tomorrow, ShopRite offers Valet Parking, Wednesday News

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Whole Foods
As a new Whole Foods is slated to open in New York City Thursday [97th & Columbus Ave], making it the 6th in NYC, the two co-presidents rang the opening bell today at the NASDAQ.

The New York Times writes that Whole Foods learned how hard it is to open a wine store in NYC.

The NY Post picks up the boycott Whole Foods story.

Another Pathmark slated to close in New Jersey.

Preservationists say that the Wal-Mart Civil War battle is not over yet.

ShopRite on Hylan Blvd. in New Dorp, offered free Valet Parking to customers, in order to compete with the re-opening of Pathmark, and the battle continues.

The Progressive Grocer gives the store of the Month award to Pomegranate in Brooklyn.

Botique Supermarket opens near the Brooklyn Navy Yard.

After announcing store closures in Florida yesterday, Albertsons announced 5 additional closures in Colorado.

A state Department of Labor initiative to get community groups to help identify wage and hour violations has sparked a Republican-led effort to derail the nomination of New York’s labor commissioner to a top Obama administration post.

Investment group calls for Mackey's resignation.

Wal-Mart offers a bill-paying service to its customers.

A survey concluded that fewer and fewer consumers can afford to purchase healthy food.

City, Elsewhere, Politics
Negotiations at Tropicana Casino will begin Aug. 29.

Ted Kennedy, the liberal lion, dead at age 77.

New York EZ Pass workers need your help.

Bloomberg wants cheap taxis for NYC Seniors .

The Yellow school bus picks up seniors (not high school seniors)  for a trip to the supermarket.

AFL-CIO Blog: Michael Steele continues to lie and scare about Health Reform.

David Patterson steps back from race remarks.
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