Friday, August 14, 2009

John Mackey on Healthcare, Friday Morning Read...

Whole Foods CEO John MackeyImage by JOE M500 via Flickr

Catsimatidis says in the Brooklyn Daily Eagle that the Myrtle Avenue development will be built, but depend mainly on the economy.

Former Tesco manager vows to take on Whole Foods.

ABC News reports that after John Mackey's Op-Ed in the Wall-Street Journal regarding Healthcare, more and more customers are vowing not to patronize their once favorite company and threatening a boycott.

The L.A. Times thinks Whole Foods is in a whole lot of trouble because of Mackey.

Must Read:
Produce Truck encourages Healthy Eating in Detroit: In a neighborhood served by 26 liquor stores but only one grocery, a community group is peddling fresh fruits and vegetables like ice cream.

Update on Wal-Mart's attempts to build a store on a Civil War battle field.

The price of sugar continues to increase, putting the US and food makers on alert.

Queens Crap: The end of Amish Market.

Boston pushes for paid sick days.

Long Island Immigrants are fighting for unpaid wages.

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