Thursday, August 13, 2009

Pathmark opens in New Dorp, Pomegranate turns one, Garment workers in LIC owed backwages

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Pathmark will re-open in New Dorp Staten Island this week. Grand Opening will be Friday at 10 AM

The Progressive Grocer looks at 'Pomegrante' the kosher and gourmet supermarket in Brooklyn, New York, turns one this month.

Supermarket News picked up the Wal-Mart looking into NYC story.

Queens Crap has a healthy discussion on Wal-Mart in NYC.

Long Island City: Garment workers owed hundreds of thousands of dollars in back wages.
Local garment workers staged a protest against two clothing factories in Long Island City, Queens, on Tuesday. They were rallying for the rights of six Chinese workers, who allegedly are owed hundreds of thousands of dollars in back wages and allegedly were fired unlawfully from Great Wall Corp., a garment manufacturer, and Silver Fashion, a subcontractor which produces for Great Wall.

Is CVS moving into the former elegant, marble 14th Street Balducci's?

The Fresh Market is opening their second store in Philadelphia this week, the company continues to expand to the north east.

The latest government report shows more than 50% of peaches hold pesticides.

Upper West Side Whole Foods gets their own wine store.

Fresh & Easy will be launching their own private label beer.


Mayor Bloomberg will maintain control of schools until 2015.

The mayor in Houston wants to follow Bloomberg’s lead on term limits.

Christine Quinn, Marty Markowitz and Lew Fidler endorsed Darlene Mealy for re-election.
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