Monday, August 17, 2009

Welcome back Bottle Bill, Monday Morning Read...

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The heavily debated Bottle Bill is back for the attack, after a federal judge overturned the injunction that had previously halted the bill. The New York Times has more on how the State can start collecting in on what is estimated to be 10's of millions of dollars.

The Progressive Grocer covers the opening of Pathmark in New Dorp.

Last week, when Whole Foods stance on Healthcare was released, many customers are serious about boycotting the store.


The New York Times writes that Long Islanders are hopeful that the new 'Lighthouse' project in Hempstead will bring jobs, development and much needed revenue to Nassau County.

Slumlords are getting $81 million of the stimulus, despite owning hazardous buildings with numerous code violations.

The Gotham Gazette looks at the City Council District 33 race, and the changes that candidates are facing.

New polls are showing that David Patterson is far behind Andrew Cuomo for NYS Governor.

Tim Bishop has a new challenger.
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