Friday, September 21, 2012

Friday News Bites: Social Media Ruling by NLRB

“You don’t roll out the welcome mat for a company that kills more jobs than it creates,” he said. “Our first rule has to be do no harm, and that means safeguarding the jobs and small businesses that Walmart puts at risk.” - Bill de Blasio

The National Labor Relations Board has made their first firm ruling in an employer's Social Media Policy case, UFCW 371 vs. Costco.  The board found Costco's policy was overbroad, illegal.

Walmart to open first India store in 18 months.

Washington Post: How does Walmart work for America? Low prices at an enormous high cost, that will be around forever.

Unorganized Walmart Warehouse workers were forced to strike due to working conditions within the warehouse.Workers marched for 6-days to create awareness of their horrendous working conditions, the march ended a few days ago at LA City Hall.  Read the release here.

A cancer patient was fired by Walmart for using prescribed, medical marijuana.

Must Read: In These Times: Walmart Holds Secretive "Workerwashing" Meeting in DC w/ Labor Advocates.
Boykewich believes that the purpose of the DC event was to create the appearance of ethics without having to deal directly with supply-chain workers. “With this kind of event, [Wal-Mart executives] are trying to create this kind of halo of seriousness about ethical sourcing. They have done this again and again: They did this during the bribery scandal, they did this in the case of CJ's, and they are doing it with the striking [warehouse] workers now. There is nothing scarier to Wal-Mart than the prospect of actually having to negotiate directly with workers up and down the supply chain."
The Economist has a great read on taking unions, workers, for granted: Unions and the election: With friends like these...Republicans are getting tougher on unions. But so, too, are Democrats.

The Fresh Market is going to Southampton, while law makers mull their town's supermarket laws.

Stamps just aren't Fresh- Fresh Market won't be accepting Food Stamps.

Walmart won't be calling Brooklyn, home.
“This is a huge victory for the people—stopping a giant from coming in to exploit our workers and devastate our economy,” read the statement. “Going forward, East New York will now be respected and will get a retailer that respects its workers and our community’s economy. Stopping Walmart is not a loss of jobs. Instead, this shows that stopping Walmart can create a net gain of good jobs for workers.”
What are UFCW members doing to help working families win this election in November? Find out at UFCW's Blog.

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