Friday, September 28, 2012

Weekly News Bites: September 28, 2012

Suggested reading for week of September 23, 2012:

via Warehouse Workers United:
Walmart Warehouse workers are back on the job! After 15 days on strike all workers were back at work by 12:30 Friday morning, winning safety improvements and a response from Walmart! Congratulations!

Great Report: Strikes at Walmart Warehouses expose threats in supply chain via Labor Notes

In San Diego, Walmart is driving to plow through historic land to build a new store.

Analysts believe China's problems will hurt Walmart, McDonald's bottom line.

Analyst view: Walmart's high cost trip to India, may not pay off.

Companies are reexamining their Social Media policies after a NLRB judge ruling.

Fan outrage trumps owners' greed, ends NFL Referee lockout.

Trader Joe's announced they'll be only selling antibiotic-free meat.

Fairway Market is seeking a $3.7 million tax relief for a bakery facility in the Bronx.

Fresh Direct is expanding to Philly.

Whole Foods' stock hit a new high this week.

The AFL-CIO Blog outlines what's at stake this election for Latinos.

Bill Clinton asked Walmart CEO, Mike Duke, if they'd open a store in Libya.

ShopRite pioneer, Joseph Saker, passed away this week.

Excellent report from The Rolling Stone: The Presidential Race Should Have Never Been This Close.

And the Romney HQ is already conceding the first Presidential Debate, even though it's days away.

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