Monday, October 1, 2012

Monday Morning One-Liners:

The GOP proudly stood by the unionized NFL refs, why don't they stand by all of America's union workers?

7-11 is now operating over 100 stores in NYC, putting bodegas out of business.

The Huffington Post wants readers to know Child Labor is still alive in the United States.

Ex-Bain workers are targeting Mitt Romney this week, leading up to the first Presidential debate.

With the NFL Referee lock out ending last weekend, where's the GOP support for the other thousands of workers locked out in America?

Labor Notes: What we can learn from the two Warehouse Walmart strikes.

As one Walmart Strike ends....another looms.

A&P announced Cherry Street Pathmark is closing: [Supermarket News] [TheLoDown]
Here’s a statement we just received from State Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver: I am deeply concerned by the announcement that Pathmark plans to close its store on Cherry Street. A full service supermarket at this location is of vital importance to thousands of residents in this community who have few other options for fresh food and other essentials. Five years ago, I led an effort to keep this store open and I will once again work hard to ensure that we retain a full service supermarket at this location.
The TRUST Act (California's Anti-Arizona Immigration law) was vetoed yesterday.

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