Thursday, October 11, 2012

Thursday Morning One Liners: Aldi grows, Walmart still Fails.

Aldi, a store that typically employs 13-30 part-timers, is replacing a former Pathmark on Nostrand Ave. in Brooklyn.  The store will open October 2013.  More @ The Brooklyn Daily.

Retailwire is watching Aldi grow in NYC...quietly.

The neighborhood surrounding Cherry St. Pathmark held a rally in opposition to the recently announced plans to close the grocery store.

Now that Long Island City Pathmark closed their doors, Food Bazaar announced they'll open up a new LIC store.

Walmart workers across nine states and 12 cities went on strike this week.  They also announced they'll do the same thing on Black Friday, if the company doesn't change.  Read more @ Business Insider.

Denver chooses good jobs, not another Walmart development.

The CEO of Westgate Resorts wrote an interesting email to all of his employees Monday, "You'll likely be fired if Obama is Re-elected."

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