Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Morning Read: I've got 99 Walmart Problems

600 people rallied in Chicago supporting Walmart warehouse workers who are calling for change.  What does Walmart do? Hires private security in riot gear to confront their workers' on the job safety issues, sexual discrimination issues, pay....then has 17 employees arrested for peaceful protesting.

Elsewhere, while the Presidential Debate will leave Colorado tonight, the Walmart debate on whether the small business killing retailer should build a new store near the university rages on.

More Walmart Problems: Walmart is welcomed in Fall River, but local unions are upset they're building it non-union.

Walmart women in Tennessee are paid less than men (of course they are), they filed suit against the company.

The UFCW International brought former Walmart workers to Wall Street to speak to analysts about company problems, safety issues.

As we mentioned last year, Aldi inked a lease to open their first store in Manhattan- This week they opened the doors in Harlem.  30 jobs are estimated to be created.  More @ Supermarket News.

Target begins hiring in Canada, after purchasing the overwhelmingly unionized Zellers chain, they won't be hiring union.

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