Friday, October 26, 2012

Top News from the Week: Walmart hit with Another Suit, Breast Cancer Walk

We held our annual Shop Steward Seminar this week, here's a pic of NY Attorney General, Eric Schneiderman, with Local 1500 Shop Stewards.  Schneiderman rallied up the Stewards, congratulated them for setting the standard of good jobs and respect at work in New York's Supermarkets.

Get Educated:

Where do the two candidates stand on unions? 
President Barack Obama has signed a series of executive orders that encourage the use of union labor, Republican Mitt Romney says he will reverse all of Obama's executive orders that help unions.  Read more @ Associated Press.

Want an unbiased, straight factual analysis of the two candidates and our nation's future? Check out this must read and endorsement from The Washington Post Editorial Board.

Over 70 Percent of Latinos Support President Barack Obama.

Romney tells Ohioans Chrysler is shipping jobs to China, they're not, forces Chrysler to respond.
Let’s set the record straight: Jeep has no intention of shifting production of its Jeep models out of North America to China. It’s simply reviewing the opportunities to return Jeep output to China for the world’s largest auto market. U.S. Jeep assembly lines will continue to stay in operation. A careful and unbiased reading of the Bloomberg take would have saved unnecessary fantasies and extravagant comments.
Here's the "Who Needs a Union" Shocker Alert of the Week: Walmart in the News Again for mistreating workers: Walmart hit with a minimum wage suit, accused of having "Temp" workers show up early, work through lunch and then stay late.

Getting ready for Halloween? Check out Union Plus Made-in-America Union Made Candy buying guide!

Walmart announced new sustainability plans.  They also announced they'll be doubling the amount of Neighborhood Markets.  2013 Growth Plan: 125 new supercenters next year, 95 Neighborhood Market

Guess what, more CEOs are telling employees who to vote for...Why? Mitt Romney asked them to, of course.

Throughout the month of October UFCW Local 1500 members raised over $9,000 for Breast Cancer Awareness! The fundraising culminated at the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk, check out the photos and write up here!

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