Tuesday, October 2, 2012

5 Weeks Of Amazing? That's All?

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Yesterday Gawker's Hamilton Nolan, who has been nothing short of spectacular covering Target's employee relations/evil empire growth, got his hands on a new script Target management is using across the country entitled, "Five Weeks of Amazing".   The training book is similar to what we've seen in the past from big-boxed retailers like Walmart, a manifesto that gives enthusiasm, positivity, energy, support, happiness and encouragement to Target workers customers.  It's been made clear in the past that Target really could careless about employee morale or laws, and that their number one priority is customer satisfaction.  But from reading the script, it's pretty "amazing" Target still doesn't get it.  Throughout 5-weeks of Amazing,  "amazing" guest service is noted as their number one priority, asking employees to find "inspiration" to keep the guests coming to their stores, and to create a "wave of happiness that hits them when they walk through our doors."   The manifesto fails to mention though, any strategies or amazing ideas how to make working at Target an amazing experience.  As one Target employee put it, "You know what would be amazing? Creating a working environment where we can all grow, benefit, feel comfortable and secure.  A place where we can share the success Target has." 

5 weeks of Amazing touts ultimate customer service, instructing all employees to be mindful of any concern the "guest" may have.  Target employees have concerns too.  They've called for change, they've called for security, raises and respect.  And when the employees at Valley Stream Target banded together and asked for respect at work, Target went on a 5-weeks of Intimidation binge, shutting the employees out and eventually closing the store.   If Target focused just a little of their energy and thoughts on creating a wave of happiness for employees to feel when they come to work, maybe Target would be an amazing place to work. 

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