Friday, September 14, 2012

Alert: Notice to all UFCW 1500 Members Working for A&P/Pathmark

United Food and Commercial Workers

From Local 1500 President Bruce Both:

Notice to UFCW members working A&P-owned Supermarkets: 
September 14, 2012 

The leaders of UFCW and RWDSU Local Unions representing members at A&P/Pathmark and all A&P-owned supermarkets became aware today of a possible layoff plan that could impact our members.

This announcement comes after we were given commitments and assurances by the operational people of A&P that based on our concessions there should not be any further store closings or layoffs.

We believe that the push for increased operational savings comes from the investment bankers seeking, in all likelihood, to speed up the rate at which the bankers would recoup their investments.

We believe further that the funds raised through the sale of Food Emporium would not be put back into operations, but rather, will go to the investment bankers to reduce the loans that were made to the company on their behalf.

All union members at A&P have already sacrificed for this company, through concessions and our hard work. And, together, we will stand strong to rebuild the company – even when that means mobilizing against any threats to our members’ livelihoods.

 We call upon you to join with your union brothers and sisters to stand together in solidarity.

Your input in your stores and with your union representatives is crucial. Your commitment sends a strong message to the company that we will not sit back and let them cut jobs or violate commitments to it workers.

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Anonymous said...

Like all the previous comments, I gave enough. It is time to take a strong stand against this injustice to us. Especially those of us who have worked to be within sight of retirement and were told that stores would not close until new contracts developments. We took both a wage cut and a wage freeze for this time period, yet the big guys got bonuses and make more in a month that any of us make in a year. The cuts need to be at the top now and the stores need to be promoted not run down.