Monday, September 24, 2012

Monday Morning One-Liners

Trader Joe's recalls A LOT of peanut butter- FDA finds it was the cause of some major salmonella outbreaks throughout the nation.

Roughly 70% of the 1.2 million workers in agriculture are undocumented.  Farmers are calling for immigration reform, blaming laws on billion dollar losses.

Supermarket News has a few articles on food retailers and politics.  Watch out- The National Grocers Association has created a super PAC, backing retailer friendly candidates. 

News of Walmart being shut out in NYC has gotten to India, now they're wondering if they should roll out the red carpet for the small business killing retail giant.  Read more @ The Daily News.

Made in Canada Problem: Canadian laws present barriers to enforcing basic rights to decent work and allow temporary migrant workers to be exploited, says a new report published by the Metcalf Foundation

The women of Walmart (over 1 million who are attempting to sue the company for discrimination), have won the right to proceed with a discrimination suit.

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